For the past few years our application has been served well by the good folks at Cosentry, but as our team grows and technology that simplifies devops improves, we find our selves wanting to move in that direction.

Here begins our journey…

Current Setup


  • 1 Database Server
  • 1 Webserver


  • .Net MVC Application
  • Frontend Code is a mixture of AngularJS & good old fashion html/javascript/jquery.
  • Database migrations handled with a home rolled package similar to this: http://dbup.github.io/

Management & Continous Deployment/Integration

  • Github for hosting our git repos.
  • Jenkins for CI & Build w/ triggers on master / dev branches.


  • Production - Used for production.
  • Integration - Used for staging.

Ideal Setup

Using Azures cloud services

  • Azure Development App Service SQL Server Hosted on Azure
  • Azure Production App Service SQL Server Hosted on Azure
  • TeamCity for Continuous Integration
  • OctopusDeploy for Continous Deployments