Two weeks ago I installed OSX Lion. I thought it would be great to try it out. Oddly I knew better. I thought about it the moment i clicked “install”…If only i could have gone back.


I code on a macbook pro.

The Hate Begins:

  • Missing spaces – I use spaces all the time it means i can move quickly from one space to the other. I use the grid 3×3 9 desktops nicely organized. But with Lion they replaced it with Mission Control. Which sucks, its slower, has less features(Moving apps from desktop to desktop is pain). I immediately disable auto arrangement of desktops. SLOW.
  • Desktops Auto Arrange – Mission Control thinks that its a good idea to to move apps around and desktops around based upon how often you use them. But thats not what I want because then i never know where the thing that I want to use it. SLOW. DISABLE. I simply unchecked the rearrranging based on recent use’ option in the Mission Control preferences.
  • Apache .local TLD delay BROKEN
  • Photoshop CS3 doesn’t work. BROKEN
  • Inverted mouse – are they completely oblivious? Why would i want to scroll my mouse wheel down to move the window up on my macbook… iPad=yes. computer=no. I realize there is an invert setting.. but it never should have been default. SLOW
  • Hidden Scroll bars: So i want to quickly scroll down or to the right.. i have to first scroll my wheel then grab the scroll bar indicator and drag it down. SLOW.After all this, I decided to format and go back to Snow Leopard. I hope someone builds a 3rd party version of spaces for Lion because eventually I will be forced to get it makes me sad. Makes me wonder if the guys at Apple are actually thinking about developers when they build this stuff.